About Us


IMPharma Research LLP began its operations in mid-2020 with the objective of providing Competitive Intelligence services in the Pharmaceuticals and healthcare space. Backed by the extensive 10+ years of robust experience across life sciences research institutions and global healthcare companies, the founding members of the company are well-equipped with the industry knowledge and Competitive Intelligence expertise.

The global pharma industry is constantly leveraging recent advancements in digital technologies to fulfill their drug development endeavors to minimize the time and money taken by drug candidates to reach the market with new players coming up with cutting-edge innovating R&D platforms. 

We realized that the pharma competitive intelligence is still catching up to this digital revolution and aim to bridge this gap so that key strategic decisions can be made as fast as possible in this ever-increasing competitive environment. Keeping this ambition in mind, IMPharma Research currently offers following services:

  • Fully automated customized newsletters covering news, clinical trials, research publications and patents of therapy areas and competitors of your choice. Our carefully crafted topic-based search strategy keeps the non-relevant news to the minimum and keeps continuously improving with machine learning.
  • Pipeline Landscapes We offer Indication/MOA/Therapy Area based Pipeline Landscapes covering all crucial details of the drug candidates. Our aim is to provide you with the most updated information in the quickest possible turnaround time so that your valuable time is spent on generating insights which help in faster decision-making 
  • IMPharma News As a complementary service we offer our free news portal to provide readers with the latest news impacting the global pharmaceutical industry. The portal is fully automated news aggregator getting updated in real-time.


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